National Library Medieval manuscripts to Apartheid era

National Library Medieval manuscripts to Apartheid era

Surprises, delights and fascinating – South Africa’s National Library in Cape Town has 114 medieval manuscripts, 119 incunabula (books printed pre 1500) and Shakespeare’s First Folio printed in 1623, one of the great wonders of the literary world. A selection will be put out for us to enjoy in Special Collections by Melanie Geusteyn, our host.

Last time Melanie put out books banned during Apartheid, which included surprises such as the children’s story book about a horse, Black Beauty and Thomas Hardy’s Return of the Native.

Najwaa Hendrickse hosts us the two main reading rooms. She puts out a varied selection that speak volumes about the country’s history.  We have seen Scope, the men’s magazine challenging Apartheid South Africa’s strict censorship laws, daily papers from the British era and Black owned newspapers of the twentieth century.

South Africa’s oldest public institution, it is actively used – some go to use the computers, others visit from around the world for research.

This tour is a hit.

Right next to Company’s Garden in Cape Town’s centre:

Queen Victoria St

Cape Town, 8000

Book now: +27 (0)72 377 8014

ID (or passport) numbers needed three days in advance of the tour