Food Experience

Food Experience

Fayruza Abrahams – Cape Malay contemporary cuisine – meal Bo-Kaap home

In Fayruza Abrahams’ wonderful, welcoming home which has been in her family for generations, she shared her culinary flare and tips, with a classic Cape Malay meal enhanced with her special, new healthy touches. She talked about the different aspects to this very Capetonian cuisine, with its sweet, sour, savoury, salty and spicy.

History comes alive as Fayruza talks about the derivation of the tastes and ingredients, as well as her own personal journey (she was one of the first air crew of colour in the 1990s on South African Airlines). Fayruza has a huge online following giving online classes internationally, as well as her own cook book.

Fayruza’s cooking, always very fresh and innovative, is the best Cape Malay I’ve tasted and is loved by guests from near and far. She tailored for what we were after.

Meal (fish, meat, vegan or veg – you decide in advance), two courses with spicy tea to help our digestion and a small koeksister (spicy donut); one and a half hours.

Meal with a demo and a chance to cook briefly; two and a half hours.

Samosa folding, cooking them to eat there, and/or take home afterwards, with wheat free chilli bites and spicy tea, one hour and 45 mins.

Shopping with Fayruza at her local spice shop, Atlas Trading close-by on 104 Wale St which started in 1946 (closed Friday lunch and on Sat at 2pm); extra 30 mins.

Walking tour of the neighbourhood with its colourful houses and mosques.

Finish here after a city walking tour.

Visiting local makers and creators eg Fayruza’s neighbour, Tracy Rushmere, of Shine Shine.

Cradle to the Grave about Cape Muslim culture, part of the Bo-Kaap Cultural Hub, Boorhaanol, 26 Pentz St (just off Wale St, opposite Biesmiellah).