Battle for the Cape 1778 to 1806 – Ian van Oordt on YouTube

Battle for the Cape 1778 to 1806 – Ian van Oordt on YouTube

Was the Batavian v British battle at Blaauwberg in 1806, the most significant in South Africa’s development? Why did the British want the Cape so badly? How did they capture this land so far from home? What does American history have to do with it? Ian van Oordt will enlighten us about the political shenanigans relating to this in Britain, America, Holland, France and even Russia. Ian and his wife, Barbara, travelled the globe to research the facts from 26 archives (including in Nottingham, England where I was born!). They have just published an illustrated book 15 years in the making; it has sold out.

For Culture Connect Online on 11 Nov 2021 Ian gave new insights into what happened behind the scenes politically. You can watch this on Culture Connect’s YouTube channel.

We will be doing a tour to show the site of the Battle of Blaauwberg (including Melkbosstrand); let me know if you are interested:

Ideas for future Cape Town history Zooms very welcome.

Top image the old road from “Old Cape Highways” by E E Mossop, available as an Ebook which is the scene of one of the battles; images below Ian and Barbara de Oordt at our recent planning meeting, then Ian’s map showing the sea route taken by the soldiers, and the cover of his new book with one of Estelle Laubscher’s commissioned paintings