Art at Home – loving your art, 18 Aug watch on YouTube

Art at Home – loving your art, 18 Aug watch on YouTube

Living with art – enjoying and caring for what you have, especially if you have South African art. Watch here speakers, with brief presentations and comments/questions:

  • Arisha Maharaj (pictured above) – demystifying buying at auction; Arisha is one of Strauss’ art specialists in Joburg – in’s and outs of buying/selling at auctions, in-person/online, the lingo…
  • Gail Bosch, Head of iTOO Artinsure (Hollard, Joburg) – quick ABC about insurance –  household/specialist insurance, where damage typically happens, their art register…
  • Brett Deacon, co-owner of Picture Hanging Services – tips about how and where to hang art, what to avoid…Cape Town based but works internationally, like:
  • Tami Stellings, founder DesignDecisions (interiors and project management) – her journey as a collector (and how art comes into her work)

The art (and insurance) world can be scary – this demystifies and inspires. Love your art at home!

This follows 11 Aug 2021 with:

Watch this for free on YouTube.

#ArtAtHome topics

Buying – trust your instincts/taste, while balancing with budget
Investment/value for money/not be ripped off eg buying from friends/family, fairs, auction and studio/direct
Valuing over time and insuring against theft, accidents (special art insurance?)
Care, especially with this strong African sun and humidity issues, hanging over wood burning stoves, radiators etc
Transport between homes, from the gallery, international couriers etc
Research eg the artist, content – online sources, books and magazines/periodicals
Pros and cons of different media eg photography, prints and sculpture
“Catalogue” filing press clippings, excel spreadsheet etc to bespoke database and the Interpol App
Hanging and framing – importance, costs, tips and tricks
Conservation/restoration – avoiding damage and repairs, plus transforming artwork (often a way to get a ‘bargain’)
Planning the future – your will, bequests, leaving it to kids, a museum…
ENJOYING what’s on your walls or floors – kids’ school ‘master-piece’ to big name artist

It would be great to hear from you as I’m keen to keep this South African art collectors enthusiasm going,