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The Aquasac design is based on traditional ergonomic African waterskins, it is easy to carry and refill.

It takes its name from Mawu, the African goddess of creation also known as Mother Earth. It is designed to be long-lasting, practical and beautiful by Carin Dean-Wales. Cape Town based, Carin was one of Culture Connect SA’s first supporters and continues to advise me. She is an entrepreneur, brand consultant and yoga teacher (the Joy Institute founder) .

The inner sack is BPA-free durable plastic that is washable. The outer bag is made from neoprene that helps stop the liquid getting too hot or cold. It is soft, long lasting and flexible. Being black it doesn’t show the dirt easily. The plastic top is a standard shape, so if you lose it you can use one from a Coke, ginger beer bottle etc. I sometimes match the top with what I’m wearing (and by happy co-incidence the art – see picture below).

I use mine for most tours; sometimes Culture Connector joke I’m drinking gin – my petrol!

R150 each – only available in the design shown.