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Discussion exclusively for Culture Connect led by the Irma Stern Museum‘s new director, Nadja Daehnke. Last year she took over from Christopher Peter, who said “Nadja has been working for nearly two years on the transformation portfolio of the university’s artwork collection. Transformation touched [the Irma Stern Museum] very positively because we got Nadja on board to help us with the art collection on campus. She is particularly gifted in this direction”. The museum is closely linked to the Works of Art Committee and the pursuit of engagement with students. “It’s not only for the public. We are also supposed to make students aware of [the museum], and use it for that purpose, and I think Nadja is definitely going to be going in for that. Her brief, and her gift, will be in bringing the contemporary art debate into the sphere of the museum.” UCT News

Free but please donate to Butterfly Art Project’s and Philip Miller’s musician pandemic funds.