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One of South Africa’s leading art blacksmiths, Conrad Hicks’ new range of his hand forged frying pans and roasting pans are beautiful to use as they are to have and see. They are a superb investment – lasting years, unlike the usual ones you buy in shops.

The frying pans, starting at R1 000 are non stick – thanks to the use of beeswax which needs re-applying every six months if you use it daily (which we do in our household, to fry eggs!).

Some of you will have visited Conrad in his amazing and large workshop – in the Bijou, a former Art Deco cinema, in Cape Town’s Observatory. It is has been part of Culture Connect’s public and private tours. His ironwork can be seen at the Jewish Cemetery in Pinelands (gate), Ellerman House in Bantry Bay (exterior spiral stair case) and the Guild top end design shop in the Silo District, near Zeitz MOCAA.

To buy visit his special website – Toolroom online and please let me know (or put Culture Connect in the address boxes) – it will go towards me getting one of his superb pans.

He ships internationally.