Newlands Architecture, Art and Design Tour – Secrets, Studios and Estates

sacs high michaelis architecture

Discover the social history and creativity of Newlands as we explore vernacular architecture, ranging from the historical SACS Michaelis House and its stables (now Montebello Design Centre) to modern contemporary homes.

We visit the studios of artists and ceramicists, such as Sarah Waters, as well as top South African galleries David Kruts Projects and Barnard Gallery.

Learn the social controversies of this neighbourhood and learn how Newlands developed from farmland into a prosperous, popular suburb.

The walking tour is being developed by Culture Connect founder Kate Crane Briggs and architect Louise van Riet who lives and works in Newlands (it was the subject of her MPhil thesis).

Date: one weekday morning, early summer 2018; early bird rate R200.