Cape Town Heritage and Architecture Tour

Dig deeper into the Cape Town heritage as Kate Crane Briggs tells the story of The Mother City through an enlightening and thought-provoking tour of iconic Cape Town architecture and historical landmarks. We’ll visit an architect’s studio and meet the lead designers, as well as going to other places off the beaten track.

The tour begins at the Company’s Garden, which was established in 1652 as a refreshment station for Dutch sailors en-route to the east. We navigate to various sites of pain, power, and struggle; from the Slave Lodge to Parliament, to various other anti-apartheid landmarks.   This historical tour opens your eyes to the Cape Town’s history and architecture, as well as giving you a taste of Cape Town’s vibe.

This tour runs as part of Airbnb Experiences.

Venue: The Company’s Garden Restaurant, just inside the Garden at 15 Queen Victoria St, central Cape Town
Dates: at a time to suit you and Kate
Time: 10am -12:00pm
Cost: on enquiry