Company’s Garden Walking Tour

Go off the beaten path for a walking tour of the Company’s Garden, as author Suzie Joubert enlightens you on the fascinating history of what was once a refreshment station to supply fresh produce for European sailors. Now the former pit-stop has developed into a botanical garden, set picturesquely against the backdrop of Table Mountain. It is home to some of South Africa’s most historic and important institutions, including South African Parliament, Iziko South African Museum, National Gallery, the Great Synagogue and St George’s Cathedral.

Joubert opens your eyes to features and facts you never knew – the Company’s Garden’s water channels, the zoo, the herbs, and what became of the slaves who planted the seed of the City we now know as Cape Town.

Venue: Meeting and ending point: on the steps outside the Iziko South African Museum (just below the Planetarium).
Date: Saturday 28 October 2017
Time: 15:00 pm – 17:00 pm
Cost:  R200 pre 20 Oct, then R300 – includes Suzie’s Young Explorers: Company’s Gardens Quest book and company cake; kids half price (+R50 for every additional child)

Please join us – to book and find out more: email